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What is DFY or Done For You Real Estate USA?
When you retire, there are two things most people don't get to choose... the day you retire, and the income you earn while retired... with DFY you get to choose both!

DFY has become one of the most trusted names in predictable, PLAN-based real estate investing as a conservative vehicle for real retirement. 

Founded in 2008, DFY has helped clients across all 50 states, transact over 400 million dollars in real estate, and purchase over 3500 homes. As the provider of individual retirement-focused real estate assets, our clients continue to watch their portfolios grow by millions of dollars of equity each year. Individual DFY clients enjoy thousands of dollars of real, spendable cash flows every month, and have seen cash-on-cash returns averaging anywhere from 7% to 13% annually over the last decade with even higher annualized returns on DFY properties.

DFY identifies Real Estate Investment Locations on behalf of our clients. We find states, cities, and neighborhoods that can maximize cash flow and potential appreciation, while still being safe neighborhoods where people want to live, thus resulting in tenants who should take care of your home, and faithfully pay you rent.

Between our in-office team, and our "boots on the ground" teams in each of our markets, DFY can help you maximize safety, cash flow, appreciation, and tax benefits, while simultaneously minimizing your risk. Redefining your retirement with real estate investments at the core is more than a investment philosophy DFY believes in, it's an investment system that DFY has proven for our clients for more than a decade.
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1031 Exchange Guide
1031 Exchanges can be a wonderful way to help you grow your real estate portfolio. The DFY Team can make a complicated 1031 Exchange as easy as 1, 2, 3, by introducing you to our 1031 Exchange partners, and potential properties that can be a perfect fit for your 1031 funds. Learn the rules of a 1031 Exchange from an industry leading expert.
Self Directing IRA's
Self-Directing your IRA can be a wonderful way to purchase and own real estate in a way that can help you minimize your tax liabilities, and even grow a portfolio tax free. Many people don't even know how easy it can be to self direct and IRA, and the major benefits available to someone that does. Check out more information on self directed IRA's here.
DFY Team Profiles
The DFY team is full of dedicated experts who have been carefully helping thousands of clients over the last 10 years. Click the link below to learn more about the individuals that make up the team.
Need To Improve Your Credit
Whether you have good credit, mediocre credit, or bad credit, it is always good to know more about how to improve your credit, or how to keep your credit record healthy. Click the link below for a guide to credit health.
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